At Goose Green we believe learning takes place when children are engaged, enthused and ambitious.  This is why our curriculum starts with our children and places them at its core. We ask questions, we challenge ideas, take social responsibility and find out for ourselves. The curriculum we have in place encourages children to take ownership for their learning. We provide exciting hands on immersive experiences that allow them to develop authentic lines for enquiry and ensure equality of experience.

Every year children gain learning capital to equip them for the next stage of their journey and ultimately for life. Our children thrive and show their best when the learning is meaningful and relevant to them. Our diversity is our strength. Every voice and experience is valued.


We take an inquiry based approach to our curriculum. Our broad open ended topics enables students to delve deeply into individual subjects and broadening their knowledge and understanding whilst making purposeful links. Our curriculum is purposefully planned to build on previous knowledge and skills.

The National Curriculum and Early Years Curriculum are used to provide destinations for learning but the Goose Green curriculum adds richness to the children’s journey. Research and experience tells us that working in this way increases retention of content and attitudes to learning whilst addressing the needs of our diverse learners and closes the achievement gap.

Reading and books are the centre of each topic. High quality engaging relevant texts are carefully chosen as a starting point to develop the children’s learning. These texts support learning across the curriculum and reflect our unique community.

When individual subject content is tailored to each year group based not only on a build-up of skills but where natural organic links exist. This allows learning to be driven forward and enables our children to accelerate their progress. 


Our curriculum is wider than what our children learn in the classroom. We consider every moment an opportunity for growth and enjoyment from the time they walk through the school gate. The offer we provide for our children and families goes beyond traditional classroom learning. The school culture and values run through everything we do whether this be a school event in our local community, parent workshops or the children’s lunchtime experience. We have made real life experiences and opportunities to work with our wider community a central part of the curriculum. To see what a positive impact this has you only have to look at the positive learning behaviours and enjoyment our pupils take in their school life.

The curriculum has been designed to offer a starting stimulus – whether this is a visit out, an emersion day in school or a visitor coming to speak to the children. These experiences will stimulate the children’s interests and kick start their topic learning. At the end of each topic the children will have an opportunity to demonstrate their learning in a practical, meaningful task or activity.

Phonics is taught from Nursery through Reception and Key Stage One using the “Letters and Sounds” scheme of work supplemented with resources from Read Write Inc. and Jolly Phonics.