Governors' Blog: 24th May 2019

Hello everyone, I hope you’re enjoying the spring sunshine!

I had a couple of interesting visits into school this week which I wanted to share with you.

The first was the really useful talk that Ms Simpson gave on the Life Skills and Personal Wellbeing curriculum at Goose Green (previously referred to as PSHE). The national approach to this topic has been changed recently to give more prominence to this important area of learning and Goose Green is well ahead of the curve, building on the excellent work that Ms Simpson and before her Miss Syrett have done to help children at Goose Green to develop confidence in themselves and respect for others. I was impressed by the thoughtful way that the curriculum has been designed and the way that it builds all the way through the children’s time at the school.

After that I made a visit to Year 5 to see how the pilot of iPads as part of teaching and learning is going. I enjoyed hearing from the class teachers who explained what they’ve learned through the pilot and the benefits they have found in terms of preparing lesson plans and being able to extend the children’s learning. They also shared some of the more tricky aspects which they’ve been able to resolve with help from the Communitas Education Trust ICT team. The children showed me how they were using the iPads to link up numbers as part of their maths lesson and how they are able to take pictures of work they’ve done to add to the information on the system. I liked seeing how the technology can be used alongside traditional written work so that it’s adding an extra dimension. We’ll be looking at the findings from the pilot later in the summer and using that to help us decide on future investment in technology for Goose Green.

I hope you all have a great bank holiday weekend!

Rob Miller, Chair of Governors


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