The Pavilion Project - part of Goose Green’s playground improvements

At our recent parent and carer meetings the parent led project team shared an update on their plans for the Pavilion. As a school team we are excited about the potential that this offers educationally, logistically and in making our school stand out as a fantastic place to learn.

At Goose Green we believe that outdoor learning and play is an extremely important part of our teaching and learning. We build this into our curriculum and it helps to give children rich learning experiences, putting their learning into different contexts. Examples of this include exploring the Green Screen for minibeasts, finding maths in our everyday environment and learning about our bodies when we exercise. The Pavilion will fit well with the other fabulous improvements that FOGGS have helped deliver for the school’s playground, showing that Goose Green is a school that is making things happen!

The Pavilion will also mean that children will have the opportunity to use the playground at times when it is raining. Allowing children to benefit from fresh air and exercise even when it is raining means that children are more focused and ready to learn when they return to the classroom. Additionally, this covered space above the school entrance will be good for parents and carers when they drop off and collect children if the weather is being unkind. At the moment, rainy days often mean queues of wet grown ups and children waiting to come through the school door. The Pavilion will make it much easier to manage the flow of people in and out of school when it's wet.

Our school senior leadership team and governors have been working with the Pavilion project team to make sure that we have effective oversight in place. As part of this we have agreed clear project ‘gateways’ so that we can make sure all the details are being properly managed. This includes clear arrangements for funding as the funds for the Pavilion project are separate from the school’s budgets and other FOGGS fundraising.

The parent team leading the project have shared an update below and would also like to hear your suggestions and any questions you have.

Simon Wattam


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