FOGGS: Friends of Goose Green School

There are many members of the school community who help make the efforts of FOGGS such a success - all are welcome, and you can contribute as little or as much time and effort as you want.

We run lots of fun events and our key aim is to help build an inclusive and friendly community for parents, carers, teachers, and the local community.


We raise thousands of pounds each year to support the school in looking after the education, enrichment and well-being of our children. Our key fundraising aim is to raise money to help develop the school playground – with the aim to create more space to play, have fun, make friends, learn, laugh, listen and take a break.

We have two specific fundraising initiatives within the playground fundraising work:

  • The Green Screen – to install a ‘green screen’ of pre-grown ivy across the entire boundary fence along Grove Vale – proven to dramatically reduce pollution. Please contact us for more information on how to get involved and how to donate
  • And the Pavilion (more information to follow soon – but please contact us with any questions)


Meetings are held regularly —a couple of times each term, and sub-committees for specific projects and events meet as appropriate. We try to make these happen at different times so that everyone can hopefully make it to some. They are informal and friendly, so please come along and get involved

Contact Us

Please email:

Who's Who

We are a charity run by volunteers who are parents or carers of the children who attend Goose Green Primary School.

We have five elected members of committee:

Alix Longley - Co-chair

Eilidh Wilson - Co-chair

Kimberley Hickman - Secretary

Tara Whitehorn - Co-treasurer

Gavin Silvey - Co-treasurer