Wish List

As all schools face difficult financial times, parents often ask us how they can help personally by providing the school with something it needs.  Itemised ‘gift lists’ can be costly to set up and require a lot of resourcing to run, so the school (with the help of the Friends of Goose Green School) has set up a Wish List for parents to make voluntary contributions towards school supplies.  For those who are able to donate, the different ways to make one-off or regular donations are listed below.

Monies received will be spent on items similar to the examples shown for illustrative purposes below and will always be spent on items that enrich pupils’ education or well-being.

Example one-off gift amounts:

  • £5 can buy - Special pens for writing areas or contribute towards buying a maths game
  • £7 can buy - A book for the library or a class book corner
  • £10 can buy - Craft materials for a class or a board game for wet play
  • £30 can buy - New balls, hoops or skipping ropes for playtime
  • £50 - £100 can - Ensure that all children can afford to go on school trips

Example on-going gift amounts:

The school’s “First News” children’s newspaper subscription costs £50 / month (e.g. 5 parents each paying £10 / month would cover this)

Different ways to donate:

Just Giving

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Allows you to keep track of your donations to the school
  • Easy for donors to gift aid their donations, increasing their value to the school by 25%

Payroll Giving and Matched Funding

  • Deducts your donations at source, i.e. the donor does not pay income tax on these donations and reduces his/her marginal rate of tax. This means that for every 60p donated by a higher rate tax payer, FOGGS receives £1
  • For every 80p donated by a basic rate tax payer, FOGGS receives £1
  • Many companies that offer payroll giving also offer matched funding, i.e. where your employer matches your donations, doubling the amount received by FOGGS

One-off donations

  • Please make cheques payable to Friends of Goose Green School
  • For account details to make an electronic transfer, please email info@goosegreenpta.org.

CAF accounts

  • To give via CAF, you open a charity account with CAF from which you allocate amounts to the various charities you support.
  • You only need to complete one gift aid declaration to gift aid to all the charities you support
  • Easy to use for either regular or one-off donations
  • If you run your own company, CAF giving allows your company to donate to a charity