Year 6 Residential 2017

The latest tweets from Hayling Island.


This young man made an amazing Stone Age cave, complete with fire, Neanderthal man and cave paintings. Fabulous independent learning!

2019-09-11 11:28:23 by GGPrimarySchool

Were ready, are you? Looking forward to seeing you all this morning to start our new school year. Gates open at 8.45am - see you then!

2019-09-03 06:20:29 by GGPrimarySchool

Goodbye and good luck - well miss you! 2/2

2019-07-23 15:16:16 by GGPrimarySchool

We said goodbye to this wonderful lot today 1/2

2019-07-23 15:16:15 by GGPrimarySchool

Have a fantastic time! We hope you get lots of sunshine ??

2019-07-20 14:17:55 by GGPrimarySchool

The rain didnt stop the year 6 barbecue! Thanks to teddys dad and mr Pavlou for the superb Chinese and jerk chicken!

2019-07-19 21:38:22 by GGPrimarySchool

The year 6s blew us away with their performance of Bugsy Malone this evening. Great singing, fab dancing and some amazing acting. Well done all of you!!

2019-07-18 19:38:14 by GGPrimarySchool

And were off! What a beautiful morning for our sports day!

2019-07-17 11:38:40 by GGPrimarySchool

Look at this amazing working model of Vesuvius- fantastic independent learning!

2019-07-12 19:11:24 by GGPrimarySchool

Were delighted to share how well our brilliant year 6s performed in their SATS - well done!

2019-07-11 08:33:13 by GGPrimarySchool

Photos dont do justice to the Little Whirlwind @HiNaomiCortes and the wonderful performance #poetry assembly we held at school this morning. Thanks for the enthusiasm, love, aspiration and, of course, the POETRY!!

2019-07-09 20:08:46 by GGPrimarySchool

Thank you so much for all your hard work organising todays brilliant carnival! We had a fantastic time. @GooseFriends rock!

2019-07-06 20:40:53 by GGPrimarySchool

There are some fantastic prizes on offer thanks to the wonderful donations from so many local businesses. Thanks so much for the hamper @TheSpiceTailor I wonder who will win!

2019-07-03 20:01:51 by GGPrimarySchool

See you there!

2019-07-03 14:15:52 by GGPrimarySchool

Look at this amazing rainforest, with a river, rocks, trees and butterflies! A truly wonderful piece of independent learning. Well done!

2019-07-03 13:56:08 by GGPrimarySchool

You can get infinities of different sizes. There are an infinite number of positive integers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc). This is a bigger infinity than the infinite number of positive even integers (2, 4, 6, 8 etc). In fact it is double the size. But they are still both inifinite sets.

2019-06-29 10:59:03 by GGPrimarySchool

Really looking forward to meeting you and hearing all about about your fab new book!

2019-06-26 20:46:32 by GGPrimarySchool

@GooseFriends Ms Simpson will see you on the bus tomorrow!

2019-06-24 16:24:45 by GGPrimarySchool

Its going to be a great match. Good luck all!

2019-06-22 08:19:32 by GGPrimarySchool

We really enjoyed showing off our artwork during the schools annual art exhibition. Dont worry if you missed it - some art is being displayed in @LaScalaCoffee Why not head down there to see it and grab a coffee while youre there?

2019-06-21 17:39:13 by GGPrimarySchool


larry - It was the best

Maria Tiscareno - All of the Year 6 are lucky .That's an amazing trip. Looks like you had fun

Abigail - It was an amazing experience 😊😍 Thank you to all of the teachers.😄

Kanyinsola - I had a fun time😆😊

Rofiat - It was amazing and I had such a great time! No school for a week. Thank you to the teachers

Marcella - Looks like they are all having a great time! Thanks for the updates!

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